23 July 2014

16 July 2014

Steve Kilbey discusses the ethereal song “Under the Milky Way” that went stratospheric

9 July 2014

3 July 2014

17 June 2014

Mercator Projection Digital Download

Fans of space rock: its finally here. Space Bootleg by Mercator Projection. 2006 live bootleg featuring various luminaries. Click here to purchase.

17 June 2014

5 June 2014

A Psychedelic Symphony DVD is getting great reviews!

The reaction to A Psychedelic Symphony has been incredible! So incredible that the first run of the DVD and CD has totally sold out. But, we have another pressing on the way and expect to be re-stocked in about a week. The DVD debuted at number 4 in the ARIA charts and great reviews have [Read more...]

4 June 2014

Free Mali

Steve Kilbey has joined PETA as their new celebrity spokesman and is supporting their cause to free Mali the elephant. Mali has spent 37 years at the Manila Zoo in a small concrete pen without another elephant for companionship. In spite of a presidential directive ordering that Mali be considered for transfer, the Manila Zoo [Read more...]

26 February 2014

Steve Kilbey and Mark Gable – Discover Australia – A Stumble Through Australian Pop History

*NEWSFLASH* Special guest announcement - “Steve Kilbey and Mark Gable – Discover Australia”  are very pleased to announce they have none other than former church drummer RICHARD PLOOG joining them for this ONE OFF special tour. Steve and Mark are honoured and excited to have Richard along for these shows, its been 25 years since SK and RP [Read more...]

1 January 2014

Jack Frost USA tour 1991

Consisting of 2 hours 55 mins worth of performances, interviews and general horsing around. Gathered from Jack Frost’s (Steve Kilbey from ‘The Church’ and Grant McLennan from ‘The Go-Betweens’) one and only US tour just after the release of their first album. Contains no nudity, but much bad language and drug references. Filmed and edited [Read more...]