19 May 2015

European 2015 Tour and Press Release


The Church


29/05/15 SPAIN Barcelona – Primavera Sound
31/05/15 GERMANY Cologne – Luxor
01/06/15 FRANCE Paris – New Morning
02/06/15 NETHERLANDS Amsterdam – Paradiso
03/06/15 BELGIUM Hasselt – Muziek-o-droom
04/06/15 UK London – Islington Academy
05/06/15 UK Brighton – The Haunt

New Album Release
Release Date: 8th June 2015 | Label: Unorthodox Records

Legendary Australian neo-psychedelic new wavers ‘The Church’ return with brand new album ‘FURTHER/DEEPER’ which delivers breathtaking new vistas and intense emotive soundscapes…and a European Tour to boot!

It’s a unique band that finds itself cherished as bona fide legends of new wave and neo-psychedelia while remaining a virtual enigma to the world that knows its name. But maybe that’s no more remarkable than the mystery that continues to unfold within its own ranks.

At this stage of the journey, brand new album FURTHER/DEEPER seems both unimaginable and the only option on their endless quest from chaos to resolution. It’s an album of breathtaking new vistas and intense emotions, of sinister black caskets and gorgeous caverns of light, a work born of immense struggle and effortless expression.

“The magic started on day one,” says singer and bass player Steve Kilbey. “Someone strummed a chord or struck a drum or plucked a note and we were off. We wrote and recorded like demons and it was inspiring to feel every member using all his resources in the service of this record.”

On the subject of creation let’s not forget that Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr were inspired to form The Smiths after seeing The Church play at Leadmill Sheffield in 1982!

Twenty-six songs for FURTHER/DEEPER born over eight days of exploration in Sydney in late 2013. Guitarist Peter Koppes, recalibrating his personal canvas in the absence of his long-time foil Marty Willson-Piper, drew palpable inspiration from the quartet’s remixed chemistry.”This new incarnation of the band with Ian Haug has brought a joyous energy to the music we’ve written together,” he says. “The rhythm swings more than usual yet the moods still range from melancholy pop to our modern version of heavy psychedelic rock, as in Laurel Canyon, to the epic gothic-progressive dance track, Globe Spinning.”

From the ominous allure of the lead track, ‘Vanishing Man’, to the beguiling tippy toes of ‘Pride Before A Fall’ the chiming keys of ‘Love Philtre’ to the sheer hammer horror ‘Toy Head’ the exhilarating breeze of ‘Old Coast Road’ and the ultimate, panoramic drama of the mini-screenplay that is ‘Miami’, FURTHER/ DEEPER delivers on the promise of its title in a combined blossoming of melody, rhythm and audacity.

For Haug, transitioning from the multi-platinum ashes of Powderfinger to join “one of my favourite bands of all time” was an utterly surreal experience, audibly expressed in fantastic new dimensions of the church’s fabled “guitarchitecture”.

“The first song we wrote was Miami, and from there we splintered off into several styles of surreal to intense psychedelia — and songs to make you drive fast,” he says. “It was a trip. And an incredible honour to be accepted so readily into a songwriting as well as guitar-playing role.”

Drummer Tim Powles was again instrumental in the painstaking alchemy that boiled the explosion of ideas down to 12 potent pieces in the early months of 2014, a process that often saw members working simultaneously in separate studios across multiple instruments to produce a work of singular cohesion.

“After an eternal twenty years in the church I marvel more than ever at how we’ve become masters of our own freedom,” Powles says. “No strings attached, no view to winning a prize. How lucky are we? Or have we earned it? We’ve got better at it too. Or maybe it’s got the better of us. It seems to devour us. Like magic.”

There is certainly something magical going on with FURTHER/DEEPER so throw yourself in and discover it for yourself by grabbing the album which is released on Unorthodox Records on the 8th June 2015 and catch them on their European Tour throughout May & June 2015.

Vanishing Man
Pride Before a Fall
Toy Head
Laurel Canyon
Love Philtre
Globe Spinning
Old Coast Road
Lightning White
Let Us Go

Marine Drive (Bonus Track)
The Girl is Bouyant (Bonus Track)
Xmas (Bonus Track)

www.thechurchband.com | www.facebook.com/thechurchband |www.twitter.com/thechurchband

Steve Kilbey (Vocals / Bass)
Peter Koppes (Guitar)
Ian Haug (Guitar)
Tim Powles (Drums)

18 May 2015

Australian Tour Poster 2015 (new shows added)

Hello Church Army! Here is the downloadable poster. Feel free to print & post, share or bring to a show. We’d love to see these up and around the towns. Please be mindful of where you put up the posters. Get permission to post if it’s called for. See you at the shows! Click poster for download


18 May 2015

the church announce unique Australian tour (new shows added)


It’s a unique band that finds itself cherished as a bona fide legend in the ARIA Hall of Fame while not only remaining a virtual enigma to the world that knows its name but also remains as consistent and as relevant as any band even half their age.This year sees the church celebrate their 35th year of making music and it’s nothing short of incredible to consciously consider what this band has seen, done and where they find themselves sitting in a comfortable place in the otherwise fickle industry today. For example, how many Aussie bands (or any band for that matter) can boast the aforementioned South By South West performance and interview (with legendary US Rolling Stone Editor David Fricke), and a coveted slot at Spanish tastemaking festival Primavera Sound after 35 years of making music? How many bands can boast an accidental signature tune and certified classic while releasing an equally relevant and universally-acclaimed 25th album and then embarked on a near sold-out US and European tour? How many bands can boast a star-swollen guest list of famous fans like The Smiths, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Afghan Whigs and Brian Jonestown Massacre?All these accolades and all these fans are the beyond-crazy culmination of 35 years of trials and tribulations and, most recently, the triumphant release of their 25th studio album Further/Deeper.Now, the band – along with newest member, guitarist Ian Haug of Powderfinger – are excited to announce the once-in-a-lifetime national concert tour –Further Deeper – The Blurred Crusade this July to all five major cities in Australia.the church will play two sets – the first revisiting one of the band’s most notable and loved albums The Blurred Crusade and the second a monster contemporary set of highlights from the future classic Further/Deeper album, plus a few other favourites.The Blurred Crusade features some of the band’s most defining songs including ‘Almost With You’ and ‘Don’t Look Back’. Frontman Steve Kilbey explains the idea behind highlighting The Blurred Crusade again as part of this historical time in the band’s life.

“The Blurred Crusade was where the church turned into themselves. Lushly produced by Bob Clearmountain, this album is obviously one of our early highlights and still remarkably sounds fresh 33 years later.”

In another first, the band have just capped off their SXSW with a featured speaker spot hosted by legendary US Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke. The interview was a rare opportunity for both fans of the band and Fricke alike to look back on the how both parties continue to stay relevant in a world full of fleeting trends. A gallery can be found here.

Tickets for Further Deeper – The Blurred Crusade are on sale now.

19 February 2015

Happy Anniversary, from HippyDave’s blog


https://hippydave.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/happy-anniversary/ Two albums that mean a very great deal to me both celebrate their anniversary today. For whatever reason, I’ve never noticed that they were both released on the same day, albeit ten years apart. They are Kate Bush‘s debut album, The Kick Inside, released on 17th February 1978, and The Church‘s fifth ‘proper’ album (don’t ask: unless you’re a fan already, The Church’s back catalogue is a beautiful maze), Starfish, released on 17th February 1988.

My lifelong and ongoing love affair with Kate Bush’s music is something I’ve already posted at great length about – indeed it’s hard to shut me up about Kate Bush for very long, as many have discovered to their cost. Her debut single, Wuthering Heights, was the first record I bought; The Kick Inside was the first full-length album that I bought. So formative were both of these records that I’ve recently written two retrospective pieces forEchoes and Dust about them (the Wuthering Heights piece is here; the Kick Insidepiece here). The Kick Inside remains a sentimental favourite, even if Bush went on to surpass it numerous times: in many ways I continue to judge records against it, and most of them come off distinctly second-best. It’s a fearless, diverse and intense record, but it’s beautifully melodic and displays a fierce joy, a plainly deeply-felt thrill in the act of creating and performing, which I’ve always found mesmerising. The songs vary from feisty rock to minimalist piano/vocal duets, but somehow Bush manages to make the whole record flow wonderfully. She was still only 19 when it was released. It remains as captivating now as it was back then, and would have been a staggering achievement even for a veteran act, let alone a young woman making her first record. If you’ve never listened beyond Wuthering Heights, give it a try: you’ll delight in the melodic Moving, swoon at the gorgeous The Man With The Child In His Eyes, laugh along with Them Heavy Peopleand weep to the incredibly bleak title track, which tackles incest and suicide in a (still) shocking and heartbreaking finale.

It was only in 1990 that I heard The Church’s Starfish. I had become aware of the band with their 1990 album Gold Afternoon Fix, after hearing the song Metropolis played on the radio late one evening. In typical fashion, I decided to explore the back catalogue by working my way backwards, which meant Starfish was to be next. I don’t mind telling you, in those pre-internet days, I had real difficulty tracking down a copy, since the band’s albums only ever seemed to be available as imports. This both made them more expensive and much harder to get hold of, since the local indie store didn’t carry imports and couldn’t order them. I’m not sure why I had so much trouble finding copies, since the albums had definitely had domestic releases, but I assume there was probably some bullshit record company reason for it. After drawing a blank in the usual places, I tried a few places in Birmingham (where I would go on the train with friends now and again purely to stock up on harder-to-find records), finally turning up a copy of Starfish at Tempest records (now sadly no longer in business).

Stylistically, it was quite akin to my already-beloved Gold Afternoon Fix, so there was no period of adjustment to a different sound or style – it was love at first listen as I sat there and soaked in what remains a perfectly executed set of fabulous songs. Everyone remembers the album now for the unexpected hit single Under The Milky Way, the song for which the band is principally known, but although I thought (and still do) that that is a great song, it was just one of many. Although Starfish is superb, it’s not my favourite Church album – but some of my favourite songs are on there: the sinister, forebodingDestination; the gorgeous, chiming Lost (which features some of my favourite Steve Kilbey lyrics); the venomous Reptile, with its sinister guitar and wonderful riffy coda; the spiky, energetic Spark; the sunny, rolling rhythm of Antenna, and much-beloved fan favouriteHotel Womb – one of those songs that just makes you feel like you’re ‘home’ when you hear it. The Church have been one of my favourite bands since I first heard them, andStarfish, like so many of their albums, is just a huge, wonderful comfort blanket for me. It’s also the perfect introduction to one of the great unsung bands, a band that has survived all musical trends and continues to make exciting, passionate music to this day. If you’re not heard them before, may I suggest Starfish as the perfect entry point? The sound of all human frailty and passion, trapped under the firmament and struggling to find peace and meaning in the universe, it’s a grim, beautiful, impassioned record with heart to spare.

Happy Anniversary, guys.

4 February 2015

Further/Deeper is out today in North America!


3 February 2015

Premiere of “Vanishing Man” video:

vanishing man

8 January 2015

2015 US Tour UPDATED


22 November 2014

Tickets are now on sale for our North American Tourunnamed

19 November 2014

North American 2015 tour dates announced!

We are very excited to announce our North American Further/Deeper tour will begin February 2015! Below is the latest list. We are anticipating adding dates. Our tour was also announced on Billboard. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones on the road!
The Church – 2015 – North American Tour
2/21/2015                Vancouver, BC           Rio Theater
2/23/2015                Seattle, WA                 Triple Door
2/24/2015                Seattle, WA                 Triple Door
2/26/2015                San Francisco, CA      The Chapel/Noise Pop Festival
2/27/2015                Los Angeles, CA          El Rey Theatre
2/28/2015                San Diego, CA             The Casbah
3/2/2015                  Aspen,CO                   Belly Up Tavern
3/3/2015                  Denver, CO                 Gothic Theater
3/5/2015                  Minneapolis, MN       Cedar Cultural Center
3/6/2015                  Chicago, IL                  Double Door
3/7/2015                  Cleveland, OH             The Grog Shop
3/9/2015                  Washington, DC         9:30 Club
3/10/2015                Philadelphia, PA        World Cafe Live
3/12/2015                Boston, MA                 The Sinclair
3/13/2015                New York, NY             Bowery Ballroom
3/14/2015                Brooklyn, NY              Rough Trade
3/15/2015                Raleigh, NC                 Cat’s Cradle
3/17/2015                Atlanta, GA                 Terminal West
3/18-21/2015            Austin, TX                   SXSW

17 November 2014

the church playing Queenscliff Music Festival, Nov. 29, 2014

Click photo for details: