30 July 2012

Afghan Whigs and Steve Kilbey perform One Day

  Ahead of The Afghan Whigs’ first Australian tour, frontman Greg Dulli tells Mess and Noise about his favourite Australian bands including the church. http://www.messandnoise.com/news/4494186 The Afghan Whigs then performed the church’s song ‘One Day’ at their Melbourne gig. The following night in Sydney Greg Dulli was joined onstage by Steve Kilbey for a performance of that [Read more…]

4 July 2012

Dead Cool recommends the church tour


23 December 2011

Steve Kilbey interviewed in the Adelaide Advertiser

“the church milk their own song” – read the interview by Cameron Adams 14th Dec 2011 here http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ipad/the-church-milk-their-own-song/story-fn6ci0vj-1226222061232

22 December 2011

Concert Photos : Tone Deaf – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney

http://www.tonedeaf.com.au/photos/galleries/114000/the-church-8.htm#1 Photos at Tone Deaf’s site taken at the Future Past Perfect show at The Enmore Theatre, Sydney on Saturday 17th December 2011

21 December 2011

South Coast Register – Scene Magazine cover 7th Dec 2011

6 December 2011

Article : Brag Magazine by Max Easton

Brag Magazine : “The Last Men Standing” by Max Easton

6 December 2011

Interview with Peter Koppes : Beat Magazine

“Peter Koppes, guitarist with the church (the absence of capitals is something the band feels quite strongly about), is adamant the group he’s been part of for 30 years still has plenty to say. Earlier this year the church celebrated its 30th anniversary with a concert at the Sydney Opera House, accompanied by a 50-piece [Read more…]

1 December 2011

SMH article : Steve Kilbey on Homebake “Like to Watch”

Steve Kilbey and other Homebake artists talk about who they’d like to see at the upcoming Festival this Saturday in Sydney’s Domain http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/like-to-watch-20111201-1o7j0.html

1 December 2011

X-Press Feature : Sermon On The Mount

22 November 2011

Article : Rockers Run Wild

Sun-Herald article – 20th November 2011 Feature on Twilight at Taronga concert series – with Steve Kilbey and Tim Powles