13 March 2013

the church rocks Canberra

March 11 2013 Photo by Sioux Cee

March 11 2013










March 11 2013










Regatta Point Stage 11 March 2013

Regatta Point Stage

March 11 2013 Photo by Sue Campbell

March 11 2013










Regatta Point Stage Canberra

Regatta Point Stage











SETLIST:  Metropolis, Almost With You, Sealine, Reptile, Under the Milky Way, Block and The Unguarded Moment

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15 December 2012

Last show for 2012 today! NZ

Today marks the end of the Simple Minds/Devo/the church/Models shows. Click below for online reports and photos from this tour

Review: The Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Review: The Brag – Sydney Entertainment Centre
Review: Villa Maria Estate, Auckland NZ

Photos : Sydney Entertainment Centre  1 Sydney Entertainment Centre AU Review 2
Photos : Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton 


19 November 2012

Get your tickets for the Art Rock’n’Roll shows coming up soon! Melbourne 28th Nov and Sydney 6th Dec

19 October 2012

Rain Party/The Moderns and Regular John join the church for the art rock’n’roll shows!

We are proud to introduce these special guest artists joining us for the upcoming art rock’n’roll shows in Melbourne and Sydney


On a journey driven by a desire to make music, sisters Neige and O Koppes left Sydney and travelled to New York, London and Los Angeles before finally landing back in Melbourne’s deep and thriving music scene in late 2010. It was here in the laneway capital that they met guitarist Aaron Ronaldson and RAIN PARTY was formed.

Fronted by the sweet-and-demonised vocals of Neige Koppes, the three blossomed quickly through jams, dragging all manner of sounds from their shared love of sparkling psychedelia and forbidden deeds. The intertwined measure of warbling notes and driving lead guitars from O and Aaron were quickly blended by Neige’s warm bass lines, casting a fresh new swaggering mould. Eventually the talented trio stumbled upon Andrew Congues, giving new life to RAIN PARTY from behind the kit. With his water tight rhythms and crashes, an added menacing hook grew out of their trademark sound; which rings in somewhere close to the glorious mess of bands such as The Kills and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.. and even the wails of PJ Harvey.

Following the recent release of RAIN PARTY’s debut EP (self-titled) and music video ‘Caught In A Daze’, the band are pleased to announce the release of their Double A-side single “Watch Me Run/Trouble” produced by Tim O’Halloran and David Williamson and mastered by William Bowden, due out early November.

Watch the new official video ‘Caught In A Daze’ here, officially released to television this week.


Psychedelic New = Psychedelic Old —————–?

Samuel Rees and Andre’ and Levi Franco are THE MODERNS bringing original rock and roll music from the heart to the world….straight from the Gold Coast Australia.

Sons of Preacher men with fire in their bellies, the three boys predominantly draw on influences from the sixties and seventies and pull it together and make it their own…
Drawing on a time when music was brilliant, – Influences abound with everything from Yes and Bob Dylan to Chuck Berry, Velvet Underground and Jeff Beck Group can be found in the boy’s unique rock psychedelic sound.

The Moderns live to write and play music – live the boys have shared the stage with Philadelphia Grand Jury, Last Dinosaurs, Tame Impala, I Heart Hiroshima, Van She and The Galvatrons.

The boys have played Big Day Out, toured a couple of laps of Australia and released their first full album DESCARTES last year to critical acclaim .
Now straight from the studio the boys will be pumping their new tunes live in preparation for the release of their new single “(slowly) Breakin My Heart” in early November through MGM and iTunes.


REGULAR JOHN’s debut The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb landed them a triple j feature album, Big Day Out appearances, ARIA nominations and the declaration of Best Rock Act at the 2009 Rolling Stone awards. Oblivious to what that all meant, they disappeared for three years. On a journey, you might say. Strange Flowers is the reason.

Ten tracks, one album, Strange Flowers is the fruit of a decision by REGULAR JOHN to make a record that one could play start to finish and feel as if they had taken a journey. Multiple listens will reveal many secrets but where you go is up to you.

Choosing to record again with long time collaborator Tim Powles (the church), Strange Flowers stretches sonically and emotionally into dimensions only hinted on their debut, with Powles production bringing layered headphone bliss while retaining the power of the band’s live sound.

First single Slume is an open heartbreak bandaged in fuzz, Syd Barrett slides and Zepped out time signature changes and has already been added to Triple J’s playlist.
The album takes you through epic multi movements like ‘Sky Burial‘ and the Philip K Dick inspired ‘Time Machine‘ to the fragile and melodic reverberations of ‘San Isidore’ and ‘Devil’s Face‘.
Thick with a guitar sound not heard since the walls of Siamese Dream, the doom pop of ‘Crystal Ball‘ and the deceptively joyous pummel of ‘Strange Flower’ will have you humming their melodies for days.
With Strange Flowers the band has clearly moved away from their humble stoner and garage punk origins and have stepped up to fill the vacant spaces in Australian music.

A natural evolution, brought on by seemingly harsh circumstances, singer guitarist Ryan Adamson mastered the subtleties of analogue synthesizers and obscure electronics while awaiting surgery for a spinal condition that left him medicated and unable to pick up a guitar for several months.
Original guitarist Brock Tengstrom departed in 2010 but rather than setting the band back, it allowed room to breathe, experiment and expand with the welcome addition of guitarist Miles Devine to the fold.

If you are tired of dinosaurs of rock still ruling the local landscape, REGULAR JOHN have the answer. Strange Flowers has a heaviness, intensity and attention to detail that has been missing from Australian music for a long time. Bold and unafraid, they tap elements of 90s shoegaze, 80s post punk and 70s prog rock while keeping their feet firmly planted in the now. Strange Flowers defies genre and era. It is psychedelic. But it’s not retro. It’s ambitious but it’s not prog. It is dark and heavy but it’s not metal. It swings to all sides of emotional and sonic spectrums, giving nods and winks to those that appreciate music in it’s many forms and manifestations.

Listen to Slume http://soundcloud.com/reckoningentertainment/03-slume and get the free download
Watch it on YouTube http://soundcloud.com/reckoningentertainment/03-slume



21 June 2012

the church will tour with Simple Minds and Devo!

simple minds, devo and the church

This Summer 2012 the church will complete a tri-continental Scottish, American and Australian band bill across Australia and New Zealand by touring with art stadium stalwarts Simple Minds and art rock innovators Devo.

This tour will cover major city venues as well as a day on the green concerts in regional areas where Melbourne contemporaries Models will join the bill.

Although all bands formed in the seventies and entertained the mainstream in the eighties, all have endured and remained creative continuing to tour and release albums to critical and public acclaim.

Do not miss this art rock extravaganza as it rolls into your town.


Australian and New Zealand Tour Dates :

Models will also play all a day on the green shows.

Tickets for all shows on sale Monday July 2 via Ticketek and Ticketmaster.



Friday Nov 30    MELBOURNE Palais Theatre

                              Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Sat Dec 1        a day on the green – Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley VIC

                             Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Sun Dec 2      ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre

                             Bookings thru http://premier.ticketek.com.au/ & 132 849

Tues Dec 4     PERTH Kings Park & Botanic Garden

                              Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Friday Dec 7    SYDNEY Entertainment Centre

                              Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Sat Dec 8     a day on the green – Bimbadgen Winery, Hunter Valley NSW

                              Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Sun Dec 9      a day on the green – Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton QLD

                              Bookings thru ticketmaster.com.au & 136 100

Wed Dec 12    WOLLONGONG WIN Entertainment Centre

                              Bookings thru http://premier.ticketek.com.au/ & 132 849



 Sat Dec 15      a day on the green – Villa Maria Estate, Auckland

Bookings thru www.ticketmaster.co.nz &  0800 111 999.

23 January 2012

Marty Willson-Piper and Tiare Helberg Australian Tour Dates


“Decayed” 2009 – 1984

Marty Willson-Piper and Tiare Helberg

A reverse F. Scott Fitzgerald type journey from fifty three year old man to a child in his twenties, Marty Willson-Piper’s “Decayed” is a journey through the immortality of music.

Performing songs from each of his solo albums and associated projects in reverse over three Thursdays on the 2nd/9th/16th in February at The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, upstairs in the cozy small room – candles and incense optional.

This intimate setting presented by the In Deep Music Archive also showcases Tiare’s debut shows playing songs from her two evocative EP’s The Inconsolable Isolation Of Intimacy and Black Unicorn. Conjurers of darkness in Tiare’s band are Producer/Musican David Skeet, multi-instrumentalist Craig Wilson and MWP.

Three Thursdays, three completely different sets from three decades.
Melbourne city at The Toff On The Town Wednesday 7th March and Brisbane at Black Bear Lodge (the old Troubadour) in the Fortitude Valley on Wednesday 22nd February will be an abridged version of the Sydney sets.

Also this is an opportunity for anyone that wishes to donate any records, CD’s or music new or old in any format including books, magazines and battered tubas to The In Deep Music Archive to do so at the shows. Go here for more info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Deep-Music-Archive/156942547687842

The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney – Thursday 2nd February
The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney – Thursday 9th February
The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney – Thursday 16th February
Black Bear Lodge,  Fortitude Vally, Brisbane – Wednesday 22nd February
The Toff On The Town, City, Melbourne – Wednesday 7th March

Songs From:
In Reflection
Art Attack
Spirit Level
Hanging Out In Heaven

Also selected songs from Seeing Stars and Noctorum albums, Spark’s Lane and Offer The Light.

Tiare performing songs from her two EP’s:
The Inconsolable Isolation Of Intimacy and Black Unicorn

The new Noctorum album Honey Mink Forever,and Tiare’s EPs available at shows.
Also available online at http://merch.thechurchband.net/side-projects/
and in these two great record stores:
Melbourne at Greville
Sydney at Red Eye Records:

Ticket price $20 approx.

Tickets for The Sando will soon be available from the bar prior to the show as well as on Moshtix
Tickets for Black Bear Lodge will be available from OzTix
Tickets for The Toff On The Town will be available from the venue or Moshtix
* Please check with venues or ticketing outlet websites for further news on availability or the church band calendar

17 January 2012

Tickets for Twilight at Taronga are available – Sat Jan 28th 2012

PLEASE NOTE – 27/1/12 – tickets are now only available from the zoo from 3pm tomorrow  (the day of the concert)

TWILIGHT AT TARONGA – Last chance to see the church in concert in Sydney for a while. Plenty of tix are still available for this gig at the Zoo. Date: Sat Jan 28th. Time 7.30pm. Beautiful view, music and atmosphere. Don’t miss out. Click on the link above to get your tickets!


20 June 2011

Interview : Steve Kilbey talks to Hey Hey My My about the upcoming autism benefit gig


June 19, 2011 by Andrew Watt
Featured Stories



“the church are one of Australia’s most enduring bands simply because the never went away. It’s a definitional thing. But for their many fans it’s also a devotional thing. Especially for one professor in America. In this interview Steve Kilbey explains what all that means and why his ARIA Hall of Fame speech was a happy accident.



HHMM: Firstly let me ask you about the benefit show The Church are doing. It’s called a Universe Within and it’s being held at The Red Rattler in Marrickville in Sydney on June 23, and will donate money raised to the not-for-profit organisation, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). Is Aspect and Autism a cause close to the bands heart?

SK: It is our cause. We have an Executive Producer/Patron. He’s a professor from America, he’s rather wealthy and 12 or 13 years ago he popped up at a gig at a time when we were struggling a bit and he offered to help us finance projects and tours and underwrite costs. He was as good as his word and really The Church would not exist without this guy at all. We wouldn’t have gotten through the hard times. One day we said to him, “You’ve done so much for us, what can we do for you?”.  And he said that he wanted us to get involved in the Autism cause because he had a very autistic daughter. Sometime after that my brother had a son who has Asperger’s Syndrome, so now there is a double connection for me into this. Autism is a strange problem. I’m not an expert but I believe the incidence of it is on the rise and I believe we don’t understand a lot about it. I also know that families have a lot of problems when autistic and Aspergers kids come along, and siblings often have a lot of problems, because you have to be very understanding and all the old rules suddenly don’t apply. You can’t often reason in a normal way with these kids and Aspect has been doing some re-education of siblings and helping them to live with this. Just because an autistic kid arrives in a home doesn’t mean the family knows how to deal with it.

HHMM: I guess there’s the problem of the siblings not understanding why the autistic child gets special treatment…

SK: And these do get special treatment. You cant say, “No, its’ not your turn now”, because it doesn’t work like that. So it’s great that if you are having troubles adjusting to this thing that you can go away and learn all about it.  I know that by brothers son has a younger brother and an older sister and they’ve been very understanding but they have to sacrifice a lot. The whole family does. If the kid wants to sit in the first seat in the car, he sits there. It’s not because he’s naughty, it’s just because that’s how his mind works. So there is a real need for re-education, I think.

HHMM: You remain very busy. Is being in The Church a constant process of re-invention or is it not as deliberate as that?

SK: We are always plotting our next move. There are fucking emails every day from and about The Church every day.  I stopped reading them and replying to them and then I find myself saying “Why are we doing this?” and I’m asked “Didn’t you read the email?” If you don’t read the emails then don’t complain! It takes up a lot of time and a lot of work just keeping track of The Church and all our creditors and debtors and merchandise and all our records and publishing deals. It’s like this huge on-going load of malarkey and it takes up a lot of time and energy. And that’s forgetting the actual creative process of playing guitars – that’s just running the industry of it. It takes up lots of time and nothing’s ever easy with The Church. It’s never a simple thing. It’s not like we are Mental As anything who are happy just to turn up and play whenever someone asks them.  With The Church there’s always a lot of second guessing and it always involves a lot of complications.


HHMM: Does it amuse you to see other bands announcing reunion tours and album anniversary shows, when The Church have never actually gone away?

SK: Some of those tours when the band gets back together are very lucrative and because we didn’t stop it’s no so lucrative for us, because it’s not that unusual to see us play.  When Divinyls  got back together a few years ago we ended up opening for them because they had a novelty value, but I think The Church were a far more important and superior band. They were like a pop band with hit singles but because they were getting back together they had the novelty that we couldn’t compete with. If we had broken up in 1985 we’d probably be doing the Megadome now! But you can only do it once.

HHMM: At what point in that process did you realize or accept that The Church was a life sentence?

SK: That’s an interesting question. I think it is now. I think we will all do it until we die. And when someone dies we might even replace them and keep going, unless it’s me. But I’ve always said to them that if I die they have my permission to replace me and please don’t stop. So it might end up being like Phantom and in 300 years time The Church will still be playing gigs with all these new members. So I don’t know about it being a life sentence. I know that if someone had said to me when we got together that we’d still be together in 30 years I’d have laughed, but it just seems to go on and on and on…

HHMM: Is the creative process a lot different know that you don’t have to give a thought to which song is going to be a the single or which song is going to get radio airplay?

SK: It’s much easier now that that whole pressure has gone out of it. Back in the 80’s you could have a brilliant album and if it didn’t have a hit no-one would hear it. Everything was about that one song that was going to be a hit. Now we know that we are never going to have a hit and that none of our singles are ever going to be played on the radio and its kind of a great relief.


HHMM: You know how people post videos on their Facebook pages? Well someone posted the video to Under The Milky way and described it as “The Church’s biggest hit so far.” I thought that was optimistic!

SK: (laughs). That’s  unbelievable optimism and naivety!

HHMM: You are also a serial collaborator. What do you look for in a collaboration?

SK: Usually when I collaborate its as a lyricist and a singer and I look for a brilliant atmospheric piece of music that I can sing over. When I first heard what Martin Kennedy was writing, it was just obvious that it had been written for me. So I look for something that I can do my thing over the top of. Sometimes people send me stuff that is good but there is no room in there for me. I need something that will spark my imagination so that the images for the lyrics start coming to me and with the people that I have chosen to work with, that’s always been the main reason.

HHMM: So could you explain “The Wilderness Years by David Neil”?

SK: I started writing on my blog – for no real reason – about my adventures with this dead Canadian folk singer. He’s called David Neil because he’s a cross between David Bowie and Neil Young.  He existed for a short time in the 1970’s and he died, shot by a jealous husband in a plane crash while having an OD, all at the same time. He left behind some tapes that because of my association with him back in the 70’s would be left to me to curate. So Rick Maymi (from the Brian Jonestown Massacre) and I decided to sit down and actually create this record that I had been writing about. When I write about him in my blog I always put snatches of lyrics and snatches of songs, so we actually sat down using those as bases, to create this record that could have been made in the 1970’s by this guy who had no fame or fortune. I sing in a totally different voice and it’s not normally the kind of music that I normally do. It’s very poppy and rocky and I reckon it’s interesting.

HHMM: You mentioned your patron earlier. For a number of bands and artists of your vintage, everyone is finding their own way to survive.

SK: You have to. The old ways don’t work anymore. There’s no big record company out there to pay for everything. For a while we were on big labels and when you tour they pay for it.  We had a record company underwrite a tour of Europe in 1990 that lost 200,000 pounds. Our record company paid for it but we will never get any royalties from any record because of that 200,000  pound loss and others. They would pay you to make records and they would fly you round everywhere and suddenly that all ended and you have to find another way of doing things. We would not have been able to make any records, or do anything without our patron. He is everything to us.


HHMM: It’s come the full circle, because that’s how arts used to be paid for. The term, “a patron of the arts”, exists for a reason.

SK: Exactly. It’s not a bad thing. If I was a zillionaire and I met and artist I really admired, I’d be happy to say “here’s 10 grand, go and make another record”. What else do you do with your money once you’ve bought the Ferrari and the yacht then you can look around and realize you can help a favorite singer or a favorite band. It’s a great thing and its an age old tradition. I would be completely happy if some geezer turned up and said, “Hey Steve I’m going to put you on a hundred grand a year and you are going to write songs and paint and write poetry for me.”. And usually the bolder and more original and strange you are the more you need a patron. Thank God they are out there.

HHMM: I had to ask about your speech at the ARIA Hall of Fame. People’s reaction to that speech has been fantastic and they found it so refreshing. Was it simply a case that people weren’t expecting the unbridled enthusiasm from someone like you and it was just time to shatter the serious elusive mystique?

SK: I didn’t expect it either. I didn’t know what I was going to say, what I was going to do. It was just like being on a bus. You sit there and get talking. That’s the sort of bloke I am. When I find a subject I’m interested in, I just let it all out. That’s what happened that night. On another night I could have tried to repeat that form of stand up and it wouldn’t be funny and I would be insulting people or I would be too highbrow or too aloof. Luckily for me that night all the stars came together and I just stood there like a naive guy and gushed it all out without any kind of mask. I was just saying things that came into my head and I just got on a role and I’m just very, very lucky. I think that speech impressed people more than my thirty years of music.

We had agreed that we wouldn’t have a speech and that we’d “let our music do the talking, man”. And as each person got up and thanked people and I realized it would be churlish to get and award and just stand up and mumble ‘thank you’.  At a thing like that somebody wants to hear you talk about your career and the people who helped you do it and you adventures and your take on the whole thing and as the evening wore on that I had better think of something to say and that our plan of not saying anything was not going to work at all.  But I was incredibly lucky. It was like pulling a poker machine and I got a payout. On any other night I might have got two lemons and an orange.”


UNIVERSE WITHIN Autism Awareness Benefit Gig
Thursday June 23. Red Rattler.
6 Faversham Street, Marrickville.

Doors Open at 8pm

Entry via recommended $60  donation to Aspect being collected at the door.
Exclusive items for silent auction on the night.








17 June 2011

Undercover Article: “the church revert to the refomation for one special show”


The Church Revert To The Refo:mation For One Special Show
By Paul Cashmere
Yesterday at 4:51pm (Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:51:06 +1000)

“When Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles perform for ‘Universe Within: an Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig’ next week, it will be a reformation of The Refo:mation.

The charity event will be a very special one-off event. For the three members of The Church performing songs live from their late 1990’s period under the name The Refo:mation is extremely rare.

The Church used the name at a time when Marty Willson-Piper was unavailable for the band. Instead of treating the album ‘Pharmako/Distance-Crunching Honchos With Echo Units’ a Church album, they used The Refo:mation as a name.

“We have never played it live”, The Church drummer Tim Powles tells Undercover.fm. “Marty can’t be here so we will do a rare show”.

The show in Sydney will raise money for Autism Spectrum Australia. Autism affects 1 in 160 people in Australia.

The show will also feature a presentation of the film ‘Rainman Goes To Rockwiz’, directed by Steve Kilbey’s brother Russell.

The second half of the show will then feature a full set of songs from The Church with Ricky Maymi from the Brian Jonestown Massacre filling in for Wllson-Piper. Guests for the set will include Tom Moore from the Mercy Arms, Suzy Connelly from Butterfly G, Brendan Gallagher and Phil Hall from the Lime Spiders.

The show was put together very quickly. ‘Three weeks ago today we went we need to do it,” Tim said.

Universe Within is on at Red Rattler, Marrickville on June 23.”
* Please note that Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) is not filling in for Marty, he will be one of our special guest artists.

Update 18/6/11


Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig
with members of the church


Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles  (also  appearing at this one-time only
as The Refo:mation)

and special  guests (in no particular order) including

Phil Hall (Lime Spiders)
Stan Holroyd
Craig Wilson (astreetlightsong)
Jak Housden (The Whitlams)
Thom Moore (Mercy Arms)
Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre)
Jimmy Hilbun (San Franciscan Lover)
Brendan Gallagher  (karma county)
Suzi Connolly (Butterfly 9)
Russell Kilbey (songs from the Crystal Set)
Nick Kennedy (Knievel)
Sandi Chick
Daniel Darling
Mark Moldre (Hitchcock’s Regret)
David Skeet

Intermission : showing of Russell Kilbey and Amy Scully’s award winning doco Rainman Goes to Rockwiz’

MC – Jamie Holt (The Camels)


Thursday June 23. Red Rattler. 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville.

Doors Open at 8pm

Entry via recommended $60  donation to Aspect being collected at the door.
Exclusive items for silent auction on the night.

If you can’t be at the Universe Within Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig you can now donate to the cause via the following link



1 June 2011

Press Release : UNIVERSE WITHIN Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig


Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig

with members of

the church

and special eclectic guests

JUNE 23RD , 2011




Universe Within flyer




Press Release date – Wednesday June 1, 2011

Steven Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles announce UNIVERSE WITHIN, an Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig. This very special one-off performance, which sees the three taking the stage with an array of special guests, will be held at The Red Rattler in Marrickville on June 23, and will donate money raised to the not-for-profit organisation, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

Autism spectrum disorders affect at least 1 in 160 people.  Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that remains largely misunderstood by the community, despite its prevalence and far-reaching consequences.  Early intervention and treatment of the disorder opens up the best opportunities for progress so that many people with Autism can lead productive lives.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) works in partnership with families and service providers, offering evidence-based interventions for individual needs, including early intervention services, assessments, workshops, volunteer support, and outreach programs.  Aspect also offers services for adults with Autism spectrum disorders.  All programs rely on community support and aim to maximise learning potential, participation, and independence by increasing capacity and confidence.

As well as musical performances,   the UNIVERSE WITHIN Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig will also feature artworks and photographs for sale and/or auction and involvement from Aspect representatives.  What’s more, we are told that “a special treat may be in store for some Church fans hampering to hear some songs from the Refo:mation” (Tim Powles).

There will be no door charge on the night.  Instead, punters are asked to be generous and dig as deep as you can by leaving a completely tax deductable donation on entry of around $60.

(Tax deductible receipt can be issued)
For more information on Autism spectrum disorders, visit: http://www.autismspectrum.org.au/

or call the Autism Information Line on 1800 069 978 or 02 8977 8377.

For more information, contact Reckoning Entertainment

http://www.facebook.com/reckoningentertainment (02) 80842007

For print and television inquiries, contact: Alissa Cronau

alissa@reckoningentertainment.com 0408 873 892

For online inquiries, contact: Michelle Mossfield

michelle@reckoningentertainment.com 0451 177 362

For radio inquiries, contact: Nik Tropiano

nik@reckoningentertainment.com 0433 566 997

Reckoning Entertainment

PO Box 835

Petersham NSW 2049

Update 18/6/11


Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig
with members of the church

Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles  (also  appearing at this one-time only
as The Refo:mation)

and special  guests (in no particular order) including

Phil Hall (Lime Spiders)
Stan Holroyd
Craig Wilson (astreetlightsong)
Jak Housden (The Whitlams)
Thom Moore (Mercy Arms)
Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre)
Jimmy Hilbun (San Franciscan Lover)
Brendan Gallagher  (karma county)
Suzi Connolly (Butterfly 9)
Russell Kilbey (songs from the Crystal Set)
Nick Kennedy (Kneivel)
Sandi Chick
Daniel Darling
Mark Moldre (Hitchcock’s Regret)
David Skeet

Intermission : showing of Russell Kilbey and Amy Scully’s award winning doco Rainman Goes to Rockwiz’

MC – Jamie Holt (The Camels)

Thursday June 23. Red Rattler. 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville.

Doors Open at 8pm

Entry via recommended $60  donation to Aspect being collected at the door.
Exclusive items for silent auction on the night.

If you can’t be at the Universe Within Autism Awareness Benefit Gig tonight, you can now donate to the cause via the following link