13 February 2013

Desert wind in a telephone box …..

“it dials my numbers up it picks my locks picks his kind To go and mingle in my mind” – lyrics from Cobalt Blue – Untitled #23 album

11 February 2013

Verging on Vinyl : Review of Untitled #23

Day Thirty-Eight: The Church – Untitled #23 8th Feb 2013 http://vovinyl.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/day-thirty-eight-church-untitled-23.html  “Back when I wrote about Burning Airlines’ Identikit, I decided to be a smartypants and ask J. Robbins and Peter Moffett for opinions on where to go with that entry, and got different responses from each. It did, however, help to decide which release to go [Read more…]

17 March 2012

keep calm and listen to the church

30 August 2011

Music Review: the church – Untitled #23

http://blogcritics.org/music/article/music-review-the-church-untitled-23/ “Absolutely mesmerizing. I had no idea The Church still had a record like this in them. Untitled #23 is hands down their best since Heyday, and it gives that one a run for the money. I was so floored I began composing this review before the disc even ended. One of the things that makes these songs [Read more…]

2 February 2011

Peter talks to Soundspike about the upcoming tour and the new album.

Q&A: Peter Koppes of The Church

29 November 2010

Beat Magazine review : Untitled #23

19 November 2010

Rolling Stone – David Fricke’s Picks: High Holy Daze

Fricke’s Picks: High Holy Daze Aug 8, 2009 “Please check the contents of your head,” singer-bassist Steve Kilbey of the Church announced in his slow-rolling-wave baritone during the Australian band’s New York gig on July 8th. “Items may have shifted during flight.” Only for the better. For nearly 30 years, the Church’s heavenly-treble raptures – [Read more…]

19 November 2010

Express Milwaukee – Untitled #23

http://www.expressmilwaukee.com/blog-4654-my-favorite-albums-of-2009.html My Favourite Albums of 2009 – Evan Rytlewski “Old dogs can teach themselves new tricks. Thirty years into their career—and 20 years after their brief commercial peak—The Church have recorded one of their most striking albums yet, a genuine psychedelic masterpiece. Untitled #23 retains all The Church’s hallmarks—the warm, effusive melodies; the complex guitar [Read more…]