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Video premiere of “Let Us Go”:

“Let Us Go”

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“‘Let Us Go’ is a pretty standard Church pop song,” considers frontman Steve Kilbey. “I never really gave it a lot of thought but then a friend of mine asked ‘can I do a video for a song off ‘Further/Deeper’?’ I was surprised when he chose that one and now the song’s become a little something extra. This friend filmed us rehearsing one night in Melbourne and went away and doctored it up. He’d been to South America taking ayahuasca and wanted something of that feeling for the video, that’s why it’s kaleidoscopic and with all the amoebas.”

“Tim (Powles, Church drummer & producer) had some words that he’d written for another song that hadn’t fit in so we incorporated his words into what I was writing. Then he chopped up my words and made me sing them another way around for the verse. That’s something else I don’t do very often – sing somebody else’s words in a song. But I really liked what he had written. And I really believe you can put anything anywhere in music if luck is with you. And as luck would have it, the lyrics I didn’t think were very good for this other song were perfect for this song and gave a great other aspect to it. It was serendipitous.”

“Everything we do has integrity and care and love. It’s never just knock it down. On that album (‘Further/Deeper’) – studded with really amazing songs like ‘Miami’ and ‘Toy Head’ and ‘Lightning White’ – ‘Let Us Go’ is a pretty standard Church song, one of the ones that connects the masterpieces. But I think it’s a great little song. It’s a bit New Romantic-y with that synthesizer, giving a 1980s kind of bounce to it, something we don’t have a lot of. And we haven’t done it a lot live but when we did, it was heading towards a really cool thing at the end.”

The Church kick off an 18-date U.S. tour on April 8th in Dallas. They’ll be playing their classic 1982 album The Blurred Crusade along with highlights from Further/Deeper and other cuts. Leading up to the tour, the ever-prolific Kilbey has been finishing the crowdfunded The Speed Of The Stars album (http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/speedofthestars), a project he’s been working on since the late 90s with Irish musician Frank Kearns.

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