13 April 2013

Church news update

The band is currently undergoing a transition of management.

The band finished it’s extensive Australian tour in January 2013. Band members are taking a well-earned break but continue to pursue their solo and project work. Keep a look out for exciting new-releases, gigs and events!

In the meantime – we welcome all your inquiries and thank-you for your ongoing support!

Please note that messages for Tiare Helberg should continue to be sent to her Facebook account.



23 February 2013

Rockin’ the capital – March 11 2013

the church will headline a concert in Canberra next month, the 11th of March, as part of the capital’s 100th birthday celebrations. This is a free open air event around Lake Burley Griffin on the Regatta Point stage. The concert will commence around 4pm on the Regatta Point stage and continue into the night. This stage will pay tribute to a perhaps unexpected aspect of our nation’s capital: a rich history of original contemporary music. A display of rock history and memorabilia will show that Canberra is home to far more than politics. The program of entertainment will include the church and reformed Canberra bands such as The Gadflys, The Falling Joys, 78 Saab and Machine Translations.



the church

The George Ellis Centennial Ensemble


“In the early afternoon, the audience is invited to participate with a group of professional orchestral musicians on stage by teaching them a simple tune from the Under The Milky Way chorus by the church. Everyone can join in with voice or play their own instruments brought to the concert. Then perform the song in entirety with Steve Kilbey singing – the audience, on cue, play the pre-learned melody at the appropriate place in the choruses”

19 November 2012

Get your tickets for the Art Rock’n’Roll shows coming up soon! Melbourne 28th Nov and Sydney 6th Dec

20 June 2012

the church

We have a big announcement coming up very soon! Stay tuned to this website and sign up to our newsletter via this page if you haven’t already.

6 May 2012

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10 April 2012


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17 June 2011

Undercover Article: “the church revert to the refomation for one special show”


The Church Revert To The Refo:mation For One Special Show
By Paul Cashmere
Yesterday at 4:51pm (Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:51:06 +1000)

“When Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles perform for ‘Universe Within: an Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig’ next week, it will be a reformation of The Refo:mation.

The charity event will be a very special one-off event. For the three members of The Church performing songs live from their late 1990’s period under the name The Refo:mation is extremely rare.

The Church used the name at a time when Marty Willson-Piper was unavailable for the band. Instead of treating the album ‘Pharmako/Distance-Crunching Honchos With Echo Units’ a Church album, they used The Refo:mation as a name.

“We have never played it live”, The Church drummer Tim Powles tells Undercover.fm. “Marty can’t be here so we will do a rare show”.

The show in Sydney will raise money for Autism Spectrum Australia. Autism affects 1 in 160 people in Australia.

The show will also feature a presentation of the film ‘Rainman Goes To Rockwiz’, directed by Steve Kilbey’s brother Russell.

The second half of the show will then feature a full set of songs from The Church with Ricky Maymi from the Brian Jonestown Massacre filling in for Wllson-Piper. Guests for the set will include Tom Moore from the Mercy Arms, Suzy Connelly from Butterfly G, Brendan Gallagher and Phil Hall from the Lime Spiders.

The show was put together very quickly. ‘Three weeks ago today we went we need to do it,” Tim said.

Universe Within is on at Red Rattler, Marrickville on June 23.”
* Please note that Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) is not filling in for Marty, he will be one of our special guest artists.

Update 18/6/11


Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig
with members of the church


Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes and Tim Powles  (also  appearing at this one-time only
as The Refo:mation)

and special  guests (in no particular order) including

Phil Hall (Lime Spiders)
Stan Holroyd
Craig Wilson (astreetlightsong)
Jak Housden (The Whitlams)
Thom Moore (Mercy Arms)
Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre)
Jimmy Hilbun (San Franciscan Lover)
Brendan Gallagher  (karma county)
Suzi Connolly (Butterfly 9)
Russell Kilbey (songs from the Crystal Set)
Nick Kennedy (Knievel)
Sandi Chick
Daniel Darling
Mark Moldre (Hitchcock’s Regret)
David Skeet

Intermission : showing of Russell Kilbey and Amy Scully’s award winning doco Rainman Goes to Rockwiz’

MC – Jamie Holt (The Camels)


Thursday June 23. Red Rattler. 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville.

Doors Open at 8pm

Entry via recommended $60  donation to Aspect being collected at the door.
Exclusive items for silent auction on the night.

If you can’t be at the Universe Within Autism Awareness and Benefit Gig you can now donate to the cause via the following link



25 April 2011

the church on ReverbNation


the church is now on ReverbNation giving you streaming music and a selection of videos to watch.  At the moment we have 22 songs uploaded and 12 videos links to view from the main page. The song player can be shared via Facebook and this site is also synched with MySpace and Twitter for updates. Enjoy listening!