2 January 2012

Photos by Andrew Briscoe, Tone Deaf – The Forum, Melbourne


Photos taken Friday 30th December at the Future Past Perfect show at The Forum Theatre, in Melbourne (AU).

25 December 2011

Photos by Monica Pronk: The Enmore Theatre, Sydney


Peace and love church visitors. Enjoy some more stunning photos on Facebook of the FPP Enmore Show 17th December 2011  – by the talented Monica Pronk

23 December 2011

Tim Powles chats to DB Magazine

TimEbandit chats with DB Magazine about the Future Past Perfect show – read below :



the church 

Recent events have conspired to return the church to the public conscience. Industry recognition came last year with the band’s induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame accompanied, of course, by Steve Kilbey’s inspired acceptance speech. In April there was the one-off ‘Psychedelic Symphony’ concert at the Opera House to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. Perhaps most crucial of all has been the success and critical acclaim for their 2009 album ‘Untitled # 23’.

From his Sydney home on a rare day off, drummer Tim Powles reflects on a hectic but rewarding 2011. “The band haven’t been in the same place since the Opera House show but we’ve been working on plenty of things including the TV special and the forthcoming DVD and double live CD from that show as well. But recently we’ve been working on bringing the ‘Future, Past, Perfect’ tour to Australia that we toured through America in February.”

That tour will see the church perform not one, but three albums in their entirety, namely ‘Starfish’, Priest = Aura’ and ‘Untitled # 23’, an ambitious concept with humble origins. “Our website moderator Sue Campbell inadvertently came up with the three album thing and suggested one per decade as a solution to an argument about what we would actually play. We were always going to do two, and we always came back to ‘Starfish’ and ‘Untitled # 23’ as being the oldest and most recent ‘classic’ records. Then we felt there wasn’t enough that was different in there because we’d covered the records, not totally, but reasonably within the last three or four years in our touring. So the idea of adding ‘Priest = Aura’ in so we had an eighties record, a nineties record and a new millennium record was actually just a comment in an email. But it was a great idea. Marty Wilson-Piper came up with the ‘Future, Past, Perfect’ title and we all kind of leapt into it. I think this is as focused as the band has ever been learning something. What it’s done is actually raise the standard of our live show by another fifty percent. It’s really stretched everybody. ‘Priest = Aura’ and ‘Untitled # 23’ particularly are not easy records to play live.”

That complexity coupled with the sheer length of the performance leaves band and audience feeling tired but exhilarated. “It’s a good exhaustion, though. It’s an amazing feeling. You forget the beginning of the night when you come off. It’s an amazing journey. In my opinion it’s the best show we’ve done in terms of a musical adventure and it has pretty much bits of everything that the church do. There’s no encore, just the three records. It clocks in at three hours twenty minutes or something by the time you’ve had a short break between them.”

After many years of hard graft, Powles is certainly enjoying the recent critical and commercial success, but as ever the band continue to forge their own path. “It does feel good. But it will also feel good when we’ve done the tour and hopefully people have come out to see it! It’s a risky venture, we’re doing this ourselves. We’ve chosen to take the risk, so I guess we’ll know by New Year’s Eve what happened!”

the church bring their ‘Future, Past, Perfect’ tour to the Norwood Town Hall on Thu 29 Dec. To read the full interview with Tim Powles, go to http://www.dbmagazine.com.au/535/iv-TheChurch-544.shtml

By James McKenzie

21 December 2011

Homebrew Radio : Peter Koppes & Tim Powles

Listen in to Peter and Tim on Homebrew Radio 12th December 2011. Comes in at the 20 minute mark  http://www.homebrewradio.com.au/New/ – a series of interviews from the Homebake Music Film & Arts Festival, Sydney

9 December 2011

Peter Koppes and Tim Powles interviewed at Homebake

Watch the video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifjUBbkNKms

27 November 2011

Mosman news article


22 November 2011

Article : Rockers Run Wild

Sun-Herald article – 20th November 2011

Feature on Twilight at Taronga concert series – with Steve Kilbey and Tim Powles

24 October 2011

Hammock- featuring Steve Kilbey and TimEbandit Powles

timEbandit Powles, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock talk about a new collaboration “Asleep in the Downlights” in the lead up to the 25th Oct release of a new Hammock gem.

Listen to the interview  www.hammockmusic.com/asleep then pre-order the music on vinyl or cd OR download it right there, right now.

‘Asleep in the Downlights’ is a four track EP, two of them with cameo vocals and songs written and sung by Kilbey and Powles, both mixed by the timEbandit, and also including two new Hammock songs “Sinking Inside Yourself”, a driving towering piece feat. a first-ever vocal from Andrew Thompson,  and the gorgeous “Parkers Chapel”, sung  by Marc Byrd. Four songs, four voices.

Asleep In The Downlights











This is essential listening for fans of either the church or Hammock and is a work of beauty, openness and wonder something our world needs right now.”

Tracks:1 No Agenda (Hammock feat. Steve Kilbey) 2 Sinking Inside Yourself (Hammock) Verse for Forgiveness (Hammock feat. timEbandit Powles* 4 Parkers Chapel (Hammock)
* these vocal versions of the “Chasing…”outtakes have also been remixed, or in the words of timEbandit, “demixed, deduced, massaged, reduced and enlarged”.

3 October 2011

the church: A Psychedelic Symphony premiere Oct 6 10pm on MAX TV

the church: A Psychedelic Symphony premieres this Thursday, October 6 at 10pm on MAX in Australia. Details are as below :

“To celebrate their 30th anniversary, one of Australia’s most iconic, respected and enduring bands – the church – played a special one-off sold-out show at the Sydney Opera House last April.

Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Marty Willson-Piper were accompanied by an orchestra conducted by George Ellis who had collaborated with Lou Reed and Augie March and worked on projects including the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games.

the church: A Psychedelic Symphony premieres Thursday, October 6 at 10pm on MAX.

Repeats of the special will be shown:
Friday, October 7 at 10.00am
Wednesday, October 12 at 2.00pm
Sunday, October 23 at 10.00pm”


12 September 2011

Steve Kilbey & Tim Powles on FBi Radio 13th September 2011

Folks, tomorrow Steve and Tim will be on FBi Radio  at 12pm with Stuart Coupe so listen in via FBi streaming – go to http://resources.fbiradio.com/content.php/753.html

14/9/11 – click on the link below to hear the full show. Steve, Tim and Holly Rankin performed a couple of songs by Margot Smith live in the studio. Stuart also spun some great covers by the church and some interesting covers of  the church – well worth a listen! Come along to the special tribute night for Margot Smith at Notes Live Sydney this Sunday 18th September at 7pm and hear a lot more by three of the church members Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and a host of great musician friends who are gathering to pay homage to this wonderful songstress.